Urban Development Authority (URA) Definition of Shop and Restaurant

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Urban Development Authority (URA) Definition of Shop and Restaurant



Definition Examples



“shop” –

(a)  Define as premises used for any trade or business

where its primary purpose is the sale of goods or foodstuffs by retail or the provision of services

(b)  Includes furniture shop, departmental store, pawnshop, dispensary, medical clinic, dental clinic*, beauty salon, ticket agency, travel agency, confectionery or take-away food-shops that retails food or drinks for consumption away from the premise and does not provide for the consumption of food or drinks on premise. This may include an ancillary food preparation area.

(c)  Does not include

(i)  Preparation of food for sale by distribution or catering even though the food is consumed away from the premises;

(ii)  Storage or wholesale of goods or foodstuffs;

(iii)  Sale of coffins, sale of motor vehicle parts and


(iv)  Repair and servicing of motor vehicles.

(v)  Petrol station, laundry shop, dry cleaner’s shop, funfair, market, nightclub, bar, pet shop, showroom, motor vehicle showroom, amusement centre, health centre, being outlet or an office.

(vi)  Any part of an industrial retail building or a warehouse retail building used for business zone retail; and

* Conversion of shop units to medical clinic/dental clinic on an en-bloc basis (e.g. change of use involving the entire floor(s) or substantial part of a floor or the building) is subjected to prior planning permission and clearance from relevant agencies (e.g. LTA, NEA, MOH).

Retail shops:

Departmental store, Supermarket, Provision shop, Minimart, Fashion boutiques, Florist, Gift shop, Electrical appliances / equipment, Computer & Accessories, Chinese medical hall, Furniture shop, Home furnishings & Textile shop, Stationary, Aquarium, Shops selling takeaway food and drinks/ beverages with no consumption on the premises.


Barber Shop, Beauty Salon, Hairdressing Salon, Photo Studio, Tailor Shop, Foot Reflexology, Chinese Physician/ Acupuncturist, Medical Clinic, Dental Clinic Receiving Agency Launderette (collection of goods to be washed/cleaned elsewhere), Money Changer and Travel/Ticket Agency.

*Take-away food-shops:

Shops selling curry puffs, rice dumpling, pastries, buns, bubble tea and ice-cream, barbecue meat etc. purely for takeaway and without tables and chairs for dining at the premises.

Light and simple ancillary food preparation such as baking, microwaving and steaming of food may be allowed in a take-away food-shop. The operator has to comply with NEA’s licensing conditions and ensure that the activities do not cause fumes, smell or other nuisances.



“restaurant” –

(a) Premises that are primarily used for the sale of foodstuff for consumption at the premises without performance of live music or live entertainment.

(b) Includes a coffee shop, eating house, snack bar, cafeteria or foodcourt, fast-food restaurant, tea house.

(c) Does not include a canteen, bar or pub.


Fast-food Restaurant, Foodcourt, Coffee Shop, Ea1ng-House, Snack-bar, Teahouse, Cafeteria