URA Master Plan Clementi, West Coast Singapore

More Housing at Clementi and West Coast

Plans have been set up to offer new attractive options at Clementi, West Coast areas and Sunset Way


Better Mobility Networks

Seamless walking and cycling networks are in the plans to connect West Coast up to Sunset way.  Potentially, it could possibly link with Coast to Coast Trail, Pasir Panjang Linear Park, Rail Corridor and even to the Round Island Route.


Over at Sungei Pandan Kechil

An attractive waterfront community space is in the works complementing much greenery landscapes.  To enhance connectivity between the banks at Sungei Pandan Kechil, a community deck will be built.


Over at Sungei Ulu Pandan

Along the northern portion of Sungei Ulu Pandan will be a new park connector which will be connected seamlessly from Ghim Moh up to Boon Lay.  Under the Active, Beautiful & Clean Waters Program by URA, a waterway will be developed bringing nature closer to residents of Clementi


At West Coast Link

A new eldercare facility will be built at West Coast Link, catering to the seniors.  Expected time of completion is 2022.

Changes in Clementi
URA Map for Clementi