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Shopping is one of the most popular activities that Singapore residents do. It rivals the passion for good food and more retail shops are popping up every year.

There are people who shop for goods and there are those who shop for services. Retail shops requirements are slightly different. Admittedly the online shopping is challenging the brick and mortar retail shopping. It will be wise to combine both tactics (offline and online) and provide the personal service touch that online cannot provide. Moreover, for some products, buyers would need to touch and feel them before committing a purchase.

For branded goods retails, they would prefer ground floor units and perhaps on the second level. For services, there is really no need to be on the ground floor.

As can be expected, freehold retail shops are rare with the limited space in Singapore. There is an on-going trend where developments are mixed with residents, office and even medical suites.

Freehold Shop Advantages

Purchasing retail shops with freehold status in Singapore can present various benefits for buyers. Consider the following key aspects:

  1. Enduring Ownership:
    • Freehold properties ensure perpetual ownership, allowing buyers to possess the property indefinitely, with the option to pass it down to future generations.
  2. Stability in Investment:
    • Freehold properties generally exhibit greater stability in value over the long term in comparison to leasehold properties. This is particularly appealing for investors aiming for capital appreciation.
  3. Versatility and Authority:
    • Ownership in perpetuity provides increased flexibility and control over the property. Owners enjoy the freedom to implement alterations or renovations without concerns about lease terms.
  4. Potential for Enhanced Returns:
    • Freehold properties often experience more consistent appreciation over time, potentially resulting in higher returns on investment compared to leasehold properties.
  5. Increased Resale Value:
    • Resale values of freehold properties tend to be higher, especially as the property matures. This proves advantageous for those considering selling the property in the future.
  6. Absence of Lease Renewal Challenges:
    • Unlike leasehold properties, there is no need to contend with lease renewals or potential alterations in lease terms, providing a sense of security to property owners.
  7. Market Liquidity:
    • Freehold properties typically possess higher liquidity in the real estate market, making them potentially easier to sell compared to leasehold properties.
  8. Prospects for Income Generation:
    • Strategically located retail shops can generate a steady income through rent. Owners can choose to lease the property, creating a potential income stream.
  9. Diversification of Assets:
    • Investing in freehold retail shops allows buyers to diversify their investment portfolio. Real estate is often regarded as a stable and tangible asset.
  10. Development Opportunities:
    • Freehold properties may present possibilities for redevelopment or change of use in the future, potentially enhancing the property's overall value.
  11. Peace of Mind Assurance:
    • Freehold ownership instills a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that the property is not subject to lease extensions or potential changes in leasehold conditions.
  12. Facilitation of Long-Term Planning:
    • Freehold ownership facilitates long-term planning, as there are no concerns about the property reverting to the state or lease renewals affecting its use.

Freehold Retails Shops From Developers

(Updated 16 January 2024)

  • Super Rare FREEHOLD Commercial Mall, Next at Katong/East Coast
  • Close to Hotels and Residential Houses
  • The Flow Mall is only 195m Up-coming Marine Parade MRT station
  • Each unit with attached toilet
  • 2-level shop allowing shop owners to have flexible configurations
  • Retails shops are getting more attractive with less pandemic restrictions
  • Prices

    Retail Shops From S$2,3XX,XXX; psf from $2,9XX

  • Sizes

    Retail Shops from 775 to 904 sqft (72 to 84 sqm)

  • Location

    District 15, East Coast Road

  • Completion (or TOP)

    Completed Already


Need Of Having A Physical Shop

In Singapore context, Local online retailer Reebonz have set up pop-up stores in Suntec City and VivoCity. Well-known retailers like Hermes, Gucci and Apple have likewise created 'showrooms' in their physical shops to enable clients to contact, feel, and experience their flow scope of purchases.

Obviously, the offer of having physical shops remains a key factor for neighborhood retailers in their business strategy.

Ecommerce retailers have understood the natural benefit of involving a physical space, as indicated by a 2017 study from the International Council of Shopping Centers.

The discoveries uncovered that 69% of customers who shopped on the web and went to the physical store to get their requests were probably going to buy extra things while at the physical shops.

The top three factors on influencing a buyer are value for money, good customer service and quality products.

While these qualities and encounters can be tended to by an online business stage, the 'human touch' viewpoint remains the pivotal separating factor at the physical store.

Retailers understood the concept of showrooming exclusive in-store advertising and promotions, and the adoption of social spaces in-store were techniques that could enable drive to activity back to brick and motar stores.

Ecommerce retail players can try to work with existing block and mortar proprietors, to enable clients to gather their stock at their accomplice's physical stores.

Looking ahead, conventional retailers can explore integrating click-and-collect services in their existing physical stores, which may help reduce warehousing and additional manpower costs over the long term.

There is a need to foster a good online-offline relationship, with the added emphasis of convenience to customers' shopping experiences.

As such, retail shop owners or tenant will have to revisit the needs to own a physical store, while maintaing a strong ecommerce prescene. This is likely the stage for the modern shopping industry in Singapore.

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