Find out all you need to know about CT Foodnex, a newly launched Food Factory at Mandai, Singapore for sale.  Suitable for Central Kitchen, Cold Storage and Food Manufacturing. So far, around 70% have been sold.

Useful information for when you consider going into the Food Industry in Singapore for investment, or getting one of the best designed food factories for food production for your future use.

CT FoodNex colourful facade

Quick Summary of CT FoodNex

Check out the main advantages of CT FoodNex quickly.  Great for those who do not want details but a snapshot of CT FoodNex

CT FoodNex colourful facade


Located at Mandai Food Zone, a sought after address in the food zone in District 25.  CT FoodNEX is nearer to the main road, a huge plus point.  Strategically, next to Sungei Kadut Eco-District and Woodlands Causeway.  Learn more about the advantages of this location.

CT FoodNex Developer Chui Teng Group


Developer is Chiu Teng Group, founded in 1999, is one of Singapore’s leading builders and developers in the industrial and commercial sectors. Very experienced in developing food factory. They have recently completed CT FoodChain at Pandan Loop.

Cross Section of CT FoodNex

Project Specifications

Get details on how CT FoodNex is designed specifically for productive food production and some technical specifications. Dedicated refuse chute and kitchen exhaust duct. Some units can be accessed via 40 or 20 footer

CT FoodNex Floor Plans

Floor Plans

The floor plans will provide you with the layouts which were designed to be flexible and efficient.  There are 12 units in a typical floor with loading and unloading area. Sizes ranges of available units ranges from 1,679 sqft to 4,080 sqft

CT FoodNex Brochure


The well designed brochure from the developer provides you with much information on CT FoodNEX, location advantages, illustrations of possible usage, floor plans and specifications. Contact us if you need a soft copy of this brochure.

CT Foodnex Night View

Photo Gallery

Pictures illustrated here provide you with the visual on CT FoodNex and on matters related to the location or Food Industry of Singapore. We have prepared many more ready for our presentation to you. Make an appointment with us.

CT FoodNex Prices 2023

Prices on Available Units

Prices remain competitive resulting in many units sold. The freehold tenure will put you in a good stead for the future. Get indicative prices on the available units for sale at CT FoodNEX. Check with us on the latest prices.

CT FoodNex News


Get to know the news related to Food Factory and Food Industry in Singapore, particularly on the government's plan in upgrading the food industry.  We have many more updates on the latest food factory happening and it looks like an exciting industry to be in.

Probably The Best Food Factory in Singapore

CT FoodNex located at Mandai provides you with the opportunity to be at the forefront of the food production industry. Developed by Chui Teng Group, this is a new B2 industrial development with very functional layout and design suitable for:

  • Central Kitchen
  • Food Processing and Production
  • Cold Storage

For Family Business Leader:

You want to preserve your legacy. You could also be a Fine Food Purveyor curating exceptional quality food products and rare-to-find delicacies.

For up-and-coming Food Start-up or Brewer:

You’ll appreciate a full suite of facilities and amenities, with the potential to incorporate automation and technology to seamlessly facilitate your business operations.

For Food Distributor or Food Service Operator:

Our Collab Kitchen with units offers adaptable configuration possibilities for modern food manufacturing, processing and packaging. Our facility supports large-scale central kitchen operations including seafood processing, ready-to-eat, and non-ready-to-eat meals.

For Foodtech-preneur or Investor:

This is your opportunity to adopt new approaches to increase food production. Bearing in mind that the global food technology market is expected to grow exponentially to $342.52 billion by 2027.

CT Foodnex Night View


  • Freehold Food Factory

  • Located at Mandai Food Zone

  • 10 Storey

  • 100 Spacious Units

  • Designed with specifications for Food Factory: Central Kitchen, Food Processing and Cold Room.

  • Each unit equipped with own exhaust and refuse chute

  • High Ceiling: 5.95 m to 8.175 m

  • Power Supply: 100 to 200 Amp, 3 Phase +

  • Floor Loading: 10 to 20KN/m2

  • Ramp Up Access up till Level 10

  • 1st storey can be assessed by 40 footer container

  • 2nd to 4th storey can be assessed by 20 footer container

  • 5th to 10 storey can be assessed by van, cab-star, refrigerator trucks & 7.5 rigid frame

  • Wide Driveway of Up to 12m

  • Most Units Have No Void Area

  • 40 Footer Accessible on Level 1 Loading & Unloading Bay

  • Foreigner’s Eligible to Purchase

  • GST Claimable if Company is GST Registered

  • No Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD)

Food Factory Production Examples


  • Type of Business Allowed

    There is no restriction on the type of food factory as long as the license of the occupier or tenant is approved by the government authority, especially by Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

    Use as Food Factory as required by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

    As CT Foodnex is designed as a Food Factory with written permission from URA, no other types of businesses will be allowed in the development. There is also no need to apply for a permit every three years.

  • Loading and Unloading Bay Facility

    The loading and unloading bay can accommodate two 40 footer container with scissor lifts provided.

  • Height Limit for Different Levels

    The height limit for level 1 to level 43 is 4.5 metres whereas the height limit for level 5 to level 10 is 3.3 metres.

  • Lift Facility

    As per requirement as a new food factory with high specifications, there is a separate lift for raw and cook food respectively.

  • Formation of Larger Units

    Units can be amalgamated, and adjoining walls between units can be knocked down. Thus, the units are rather flexible and dependent on the requirements of the users.

  • Security System

    The security system will be operational on 24 hours per day basis.


  • Width of Driveway

    CT Foodnex is designed to facilitate convenient transportation of food, equipment or any related items. As such, the width of the driveway is broad. At level 1, the ramp is approximately 7.5 metres wide on a straight line and thereafter, along the ramp is around 11 to 12 metres.  

    The driveway at level 2 to 4 is around 9m and the driveway is 7 m at level 5 to 10.

    We will provide you with the reasons during viewings.

  • Transport Accessibility to Unit Front

    One of the most unique conveniences of CT FoodNex is the accessibility to the front of the unit. At the ground level, units can be accessed via 40 footer container. At level 2 to level 4, the 20-footer can be parked in front of the units. For level 5 to level 10, units can be accessed via van, cab-star, refrigerator trucks and 7.5 rigid frame transports. 

    Thus, there will be different demands for different types of food production. Talk to us if you are looking for investments and we will be able to advise you accordingly.

  • Type of Parking

    The parking system will be based on ERP on an hourly basis.

Cross Section of CT FoodNex


  • Bin Point and Bin Room

    There will be a designated bin point for every unit at the ground level and there will be a dedicated waste disposal bin room in each unit for the rest of the levels.

  • Drainage System

    There will be a drop of 100 mm at level 1 and a drop of 75 mm for units from level 2 to level 10 from the loading and unloading area. Typically, users will have to raise the floor and customise their production floor and drainage system.

  • Grease Trap

    There will be a dedicated sampling sum in each unit, located in the chamber.

  • Kitchen Exhaust Duct (KED)

    The KED will be provided in each unit. It will draw air outwards.

  • Toilet

    There is a toilet provided in each unit, located at the front of the unit.

  • Cool Room

    Users can install a cold room within the unit.

  • Roller Shutter

    Roller shutter is provided in each unit. The size of the shutter is approximately 4.5 metres by 4.5 metres from level 1 to level 4. The sizes at level 5 to level 10 are around 3 metres or 4.5 metres with a height of 3.6 metres.

Food Factory for Sale in General in Singapore

Building a food factory for sale is not as simple.  Food factory are B2 industrial units.  URA set the building regulations and SFA set up the high specifications for food production and handling.  

Singapore 30 by 30 food security strategies

Government Food Security Initiative; Singapore’s ’30 by 30’ Food Security Goal

The food industry in Singapore while very well regulated, it is also very exciting. Singapore’s reliance on imports for 90% of its food puts it at the mercy of external forces in exporting countries, the majority of which are beyond the Republic's control. According to Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Singapore imports food from some 170 countries. 

Announced in 2019, SFA has set a Singapore 30 by 30 Food Security goal for locally produced food to meet 30% of Singapore's nutritional needs by 2030, reducing the country's reliance on imports and its vulnerability to supply interruptions.  This is done by boosting local production with better technology and innovation. Thus, the quality standard of food factory gets higher and more competitive with high specifications for food production. 

This important initiative aims at better food production is one of the catalyst in increasing the demand for Food Factory in Singapore.

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Watch This Video to:

  1. Understanding the direction on where the food industry in Singapore is heading
  2. Why CT Foodnex?
  3. Why is the location so ideal for Food Production?

CT FoodNEX Property Details

New Property Name CT FoodNEX
Type Fully Ramp Up Food Factory
Developer Chiu Teng Group
Location Mandai Estate
District District 25, Mandai
Type of Tenure Freehold
TOP (Completion) Estimated September 2026
No of Units 110 Units and 1 Canteen
Site Area Approx 7,459 sqm (80,237 sqft)
No. of levels  10 Storey
Production unit sizes From 158 sqm (1,700 sqft) to 272 sqm (2,928 sqft) (based on strata survey)
Floor Height 7.2 to 9 metres (Ground Level)

5.95 to 6,65metres (2nd to 9th Floor)

7 metres (10 Floor)

Floor loading  12.5 to 20 kN/m2
Number of Lift 1 Service Lift, 1 Goods Lift, 2 Passenger Lifts
General Car Parking At least 41 Lots + 1 nos. Accessible carpark lot
Power supply 100 Amp to 200 Amp 3-phase
ct foodnex facade new 2 sq

Quick Summary of CT FoodNex

  • CT FoodNex, a brand new Freehold Ramp Up Food Factory at Mandai Estate is newly launched and more than 60% has been sold
  • Located in Mandai Food Zone, in one of the sought-after addresses in food zone area of District 25.
  • It is a 10-storey Multi-User B2 Industrial Food Factory with a Canteen on the ground level
  • This commercial food factory has 110 spacious units and each unit is equipped with its own exhaust and refuse chute.
  • It is designed with high specifications for Food Factory production, including Central Kitchen, Cloud Kitchen, Food Processing and Cold Room.
  • The ceiling height of the units would dependent on which level and it ranges from 5.95 m to 8.175 m
  • Power supply is from 100 to 200 Amps, 3 Phrase
  • The floor loading ranges from 10 to 20 KN/m2
  • The ramp up access is up to level 10
  • 1sty storey can be accessed by a 40 footer container truck
  • 2nd to 4th storey can be accessed by a 20 footer container truck
  • The 5th to 10th storey can be accessed by a van, cab-star, 7.5 rigid frame or refrigerator truck.
  • The wide driveway is of Up to 12m
  • Most Units Have No Void Area
  • 40 Footer trucks are accessible on Level 1 Loading & Unloading Bays
  • There is no restriction on foreigners for purchase
  • GST is claimable if Company is GST Registered
  • There is No Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty


Book An Appointment To Get Lowest Price Available

Interest for CT FoodNEX has been rather high because buyers know freehold industrial properties are exceptionally rare.  NO ABSD and foreigners are allowed to buy.

As of 24 October 2023, more than 68% has been sold.  

Make your appointment with us today.  We will provide you with the most current market situation and the best way to go about buying for your benefit.


These specifications are as planned for CT Foodnex. There may be changes as the approvals get finalised. Please check with us during viewings.

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