Commercial Property Singapore Infographics

 Commercial Property Market Singapore Infographics

The usage of commercial property in Singapore has 18 Use Classes as defined by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and they are:

Class 1: Shop
Class 2: Office
Class 3: Restaurant
Class 4: Amusement Centre
Class 5: Motor Vehicle Showroom
Class 6: Theatre
Class 7: Light Industrial Building
Class 8: General Industrial Building
Class 9: Special Industrial Building
Class 10: Warehouse
Class 11: Convalescent Home
Class 12: Child Care Centre
Class 13: Community Building
Class 14: Sports and Recreation Building
Class 15: Nightclub
Class 16: Pet Shop
Class 17: Community Sports and Fitness Building
Class 18: Commercial School

Within industrial properties, there are 3 zones of industrial property types, which are Business 1, Business 2 that are dependent on the nuisance buffer, and then there is Business Park for non-pollute industries.

Of late, the commercial property is getting interesting with low rate of sales and difficult rental. Many companies are taking advantage of this and went in search for a better place to rent. Commercial property unlike residential property is not as flexible. A company would need to house their employees in a commercial property.

Some companies opt to rent because their management is unable to decide on getting an asset and some foreign companies are not able to determine how long they will stay in Singapore. For local companies, it would make more sense to own a commercial property rather than to rent it if they have sufficient money and aims to operate for a long time.

Appended below is an infographics on Commercial Property for Singapore.

commercial property singapore infographics