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Building Information And Specifications





99 years (wef 19th February 1975) 


Site Area


10,165.50 m2 (109,420 sq ft) 

10,165.50 平方米 (109,420 平方英尺)

No. Of Storeys




Office办公室(Levels 3-17) 

Medical 医疗中心 (Levels 3 - 4) 

Retail 商业铺面 (Levels 1 - 2)

Car Parking


401 lots on levels B1-B2 

地下 1 - 2 4 0 1 个车位

Strata Area For Sale 

可售的分层 单位面积

Units from 371 sq ft (34 m2) onwards 

单位从 371 平方英尺起

Floor Loading


Office-2.5 KN/m2 Medical-5 KN/m2 

办公室- 2500 牛顿/平方米 

医疗- 5000牛顿/平方米

Floor To Ceiling Height


Approximately 2.4m to 2.7m 

2.4 米到 2.7



Central chilled water air-conditioning system with dedicated fan coil units serving each office space 

中央冷冻水空调系统,办公室单位设有 各自的出风口



6 lifts serving even floors

6 lifts serving odd floors 

Stretcher lifts serving the medical units from Basement 1 onwards


奇数楼层6架电梯 供地下一层以上医疗单元使用的医疗担架电梯


1. Structure 结构 Piling - bored piles

Concrete grade - all Grade 20 except some columns in lower floors in Grade 25/30

Typical Floor Beam - haunched beam, 711mm deep around columns

2. Lifts 电梯 2.1) Passenger Lifts
Level / Type  Level 1 & 2 Level 3 & 4 Level 5 to Level 17
Retail Podium 6 passenger lifts
Medical Suites & Offices 12 passenger lifts
Somerset Tower 6 passenger lifts
Devonshire Tower 6 passenger lifts
2.2) Service Lifts
1 service lift serving retail podium 

1 service lift serving office towers

2.3) Stretcher Lift
1 stretcher lift serving medical floors, from basement 1 to level 4
3. Escalators 电动扶手梯 Escalators serving Basement 2 to Level 4
4. Security System 保安系统 24 hour monitored Closed circuit television (CCTVs) are installed in all public areas and access areas
5. Fire Protection System 防火系统 Automatic Fire Sprinkler System, wet riser, hosereel & portable fire extinguishers
6. Building Management System (BMS) 楼宇管理系统  Computerised BMS monitoring major M&E equipment
7. Handover Conditions 交房条件 7.1) Ceiling: Mineral fibre board grid ceiling
7.2) Door: Double swing frameless glass door with handle and lock
 7.3) Flooring: Bare finish
7.4) Others (please refer to table below)
Type/ Item Medical Office

(Level 3 & 4)


(Level 5 to 17)

Floor Loading 5 kn/ sq m 2.5 kn/ sq m 2.5 Kn/sq m
Electricity Installation T5 florescent tubes light fitting

63Amp or 80Amp or 100Amp or 160Amp with distribution board (DB) depending on size of units.  Emergency lighting provided PA Speaker provided

Telecommunications 10 pairs SCV point provided 20 pairs

SCV provided

Floor Trap & Water Supply 1 no of floor trap and water point with 32 mm dia 1 no of floor trap and water point with 22 mm dia for selected units
Air Conditioning System Central chilled water air-conditioning with dedicated fan-coil units and ducting with supply diffusers and return crate grilles
Sprinkler First and second layer sprinklers as per relevant authority’s approval

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